What does it mean to be a member?

Our members are those who are part of God’s Church, while expressing desire to unite with the local body of Grove hill Church:

  • They have placed their faith in the Person and work of Jesus Christ for their salvation

  • They have given witness of their salvation through baptism

  • They have completed a new member’s orientation class

  • They have entered into a covenant relationship with the other members who make up our church

So why should I do it?

That’s an excellent question. It is one that is asked frequently by those who visit Grove Hill. First, by becoming a part of Grove Hill through membership, you place yourself in the company of others who have chosen to follow Jesus. That means when life gets tough or you are discouraged, you have the company of others to encourage your heart, lift your spirits or pray for you in those moments.

Second, membership at Grove Hill is covenantal in nature. What this means is that our members have intentionally committed to take responsibility for one another’s spiritual good. The Scriptures are clear that we need brothers and sisters who can come alongside of us to encourage us in our commitment to follow Christ. Dozens of times in the Bible, we are encouraged to do things for “one another”—love, serve, pray, bear each other’s burdens. All of this is best done within the family of Grove Hill with other believers.

This kind of support and accountability requires that there be a mutual commitment among the body of believers toward one another. Taking the necessary steps to become a member expresses that you are ready to enter into this kind of covenant relationship with us. Take a look at our covenant here.

Third, membership helps our leaders know that you desire for them to provide shepherding and care for your soul. Hebrews 13:17 teaches that pastors will one day give an account for those whom the Lord has placed under their care. Membership is the means by which we can know that you truly desire for us to be your pastors.