Unreached People Groups

Each month, our church spends dedicated time praying for people scattered across the globe in desperate need of a savior. According to the Joshua Project, an Unreached People Group (UPG) is any group of people with less than 2% evangelical Christians. If you join us on a Sunday morning, you will notice that we take a special moment of prayer at the beginning of the service to recognize our UPG of the month and pray that the gospel will ignite in their communities.

June Unreached People Group -
Butu-Ningi in Nigeria

Primary Religion: Islam

Country: Nigeria

Population: 59,000

Progress of the Gospel: Frontier

Global Status of Evangelical Christianity: 0.00%

Overview: The Butu-Ningi, also known as the Butawa, are a small ethnic group found in the Ningi plateau region in the Bauchi Province of Nigeria. Some have also settled in the Kano Province. Burra is their capital, where they claim to have lived for many generations. Their language Ningawa is rapidly disappearing; Hausa is the language spoken by most. Even Butawa children are now taught the dominant Hausa language.

What Are Their Beliefs?
Recently, the Butawa have begun to accept Islam as their religion. Less than half of all Butawa still follow their traditional ethnic beliefs. They traditionally worship family gods and ancestors at village shrines or in secret hidden places in the forests or in rocks.

The cult of the dodo is extremely important to the Butawa. They value tribal secrets and practice religious traditions handed down from their ancestors. Butawa also believe certain people have the power to turn themselves into animals, especially elephants.

What Are Their Needs?
A large majority have not had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. Much evangelistic work and prayer are needed for this tribe to be exposed to the Gospel.

Grove Hill Church has a special fund for local, national, and international missions. One hundred percent of the proceeds to this account are used to spread the Gospel throughout this world.

Local Ministry Partners

431 Ministries

The mission of 431 Ministries is to tend to the needs of the overlooked and under-served women of Middle Tennessee by providing stability and work, giving them hope and a plan for an independent future.


Hard work, Jesus Christ & the women who come to us.

The combination of these three things is explosive. We don’t expect the women to be perfect. We don’t expect them to have it together. But we expect them to crave change in every ounce of their being. They’re tired of being tired. They know they need change, and need help to get there. They’re willing to do whatever it takes and those are the women we believe in.

The Bridge Chapel Hill

The Bridge – Chapel Hill is a satellite of The Bridge, Inc. which started in November 2004 out of a desire to reach the homeless, food insecure, and under-resourced people of Nashville, and beyond.

THE BRIDGE, INC. exists to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged children, the homeless, and the working poor by providing life-sustaining resources and a message of hope.

The Bridge began in November of 2004. Birthed out of a desire to help feed and clothe the homeless of Nashville, Candy Christmas began taking huge pots of jambalaya down to the homeless living under the Jefferson Street bridge. After seeing that the need was far greater than just one hot meal a week, Candy began to collect clothing and non-perishable food items to pass out to her friends. She stored it all in her garage and friends volunteered to come over and fill grocery bags with food. The more people that began finding out about this ministry and caught the vision, the faster the ministry grew.

In His Image Pregnancy Resource Center

In His Image PRC is a non-profit center that offers compassionate support and assistance to anyone facing a crisis pregnancy.

We provide a safe, non threatening environment that will minister to your needs be it friendship, understanding, or a hand up. We provide free, confidential pregnancy test, information about pregnancy decisions, referrals for medical and social services, pre and post-natal counseling, and clothing and other baby items. We also teach abstinence classes in the community schools.

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