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From Darkness to Light l 1 Peter 2:9

Student ministry is definitely one of the most important ministries that is offered at Grove Hill. The reality is that often times, a student will graduate from high school and be sent into a world with a misunderstood sense of freedom. Youth ministry is the last line of defense before adulthood catapults them into a culture that nearly demands behavior that is not Christ-like. So, that begs the question: How do we approach this reality?

For student ministry, we strive to equip our teens to be a light in this world. We want our students seeking God’s will for their lives both now, and when they enter the next phase of life. We believe that through constant teaching of the Bible, our students will not only learn what the scriptures have to say, but why it is important for their lives.

Whatever the case may be, we are looking for leaders that can shepherd our teens into being responsible and caring adults who are obedient to the call that Christ has over their lives.

GH Students Wednesday nights

Student Life-Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm

Games. Worship. Fellowship. Preaching/Teaching . Small Groups.

Every Wednesday night we gather together for a time of fun, fellowship, and Bible study. Our goal is to give practical and in-depth Biblical study to equip our students for understanding Biblical concepts as well as preparing them for encountering the unchurched world.

Student Worship at Grove Hill Church

Student Life -Sunday Bible Class @ 9:30

Relational Teachers. Gospel Focus.

Sundays are a time for us to dig deeper look in scripture. Even though we dig deep in the Word, we also take time to have authentic conversations and answer questions that most teens are asking in their daily lives. Simply put, we strive to prepare our teens to deepen their relationship with the real God as they walk in the real world.

Student Worship at Grove Hill Church

Student Life-Camp/Missions

Discipleship. Fellowship. Missions.

Each Summer and Fall, we participate in Student Camp or Mission projects. This is a wonderful time for students to bond with one another, spend quality time in the Word, and see what being on mission really means. Be watching our upcoming events for the next Camp/Mission Experience!

Upcoming Student Ministry Events

Bowling Night

Movie Night at Henry Horton State Park

Missions Week

May 31 – June 3
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Serve Students at Grove Hill

There is always a need to serve in Student Ministry. We are looking for leaders that are able to specifically connect with our teens. Our teens are looking for relationships. They want someone to look up to and someone they can seek guidance from. Some may be looking for an older sibling while others may be looking for someone to fill the role of a parent. Whatever the case may be, we are looking for leaders that can shepherd our teens into being responsible and caring adults. Here are some of the ways you can serve:


  • Bible Study Teachers
  • Wednesday Night Teachers
  • Event Chaperones
  • Discipleship Mentors
  • Host Homes
Serve Students at Grove Hill Church

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